Fountain Tot


For ages 0-3.

Mail a one time gift or keep giving for years to come! Choose your recipient (a grandchild, your nephew, a local pre-school, etc.) and let us do the rest.

Remember, your budget should include $4 media mail shipping.  Depending on your budget, we will select book(s) based on your requests.  Or you can set no specific requests and we'll make sure your Fountain Tot gets the perfect gift.  Let us do the thinking for you!

You can put any preferences in the text box at the bottom!  Some examples might be:


-board books only

-hardbacks only


Price: $1.00
the year helps us establish the right book for the age
your subscription will always contain at least one book, but sometimes we add in age appropriate small gifts. if you don't want this, please select Books Only
Anything you really want or don't want?