They Made Us Laugh - 2018 Edition

One of the things we value most at Fountain is shared laughter.  

Thanks to these fine folks and a lot of you, we were able to laugh through the tough times as well as the good times.

Thank you to these fine people and many hopes for more hearty and heartfelt laughter in the years to come for all of us!

-Kelly Justice, owner of Fountain 


MURR... So, James "Murr" Murray (star of Impractical Jokers) offered to come by and sign books for his fans.  

Then he offered to answer the phone.  

He has so many fans it broke the phone.  

And then we all proceeded to laugh our butts off for the next hour.  

Another fun thing in this photo: there is a potato in it.  

Pre-order The Brink here.  We LOVED the first in the series.  

Great read for early Michael Crichton fans or traditional sci-fi horror fans!  Great stuff!  And Murr is such a great guy!  

Andrew Shaffer... the only author I have ever called an a--hole in their introduction.  

To be fair to myself, he kind of asked for it.  

What he also did is write the book that made us laugh all year long: Hope Never Dies.  If you missed it, grab one now.

That's him in the back with the American flag scarf over his head.  Screaming.


Bookseller Katie!... If you've never been to one of our Fan Fair Young Adult Fiction Events (mainly attended by adults) or any of our book groups, then you might not have seen our bookseller Katie's sense of humor really shine.  

Nobody says "I've got a knife!" like Katie and we love her for it!