I published my own book and did not use CreateSpace or Amazon publishing or printing services.

Read on to see if your book is a good fit for our shelves!

In an effort to make things easier for you and us, we have developed some guidelines to keep interactions with our indie authors professional, straightforward, and profitable for both parties.

  1. To be considered for our inventory, books must be:
    • not published or printed by Amazon or any of its divisions such as CreateSpace
    • professionally packaged
    • priced appropriately for the market
    • suitable for our inventory
    • published within the last 6 months or not yet published
  2. There is a non-refundable fee of $25 to have your book reviewed for our inventory. Books may be dropped off or mailed with a copy of the consignment agreement inside or emailed in advance. Please read more about the consignment agreement in step 3.  They will not be returned. You must put contact information in the book. You may pay by cash, credit card, or you may use our PaypalMe link for this fee. Books will not be evaluated without prepayment.  This fee is per book, not per author if you have multiple books.

  3. If your title is accepted, you receive 60% of the cover price of any books sold. We receive 40%.  This is non-negotiable and the absolute minimum margin under which we can sell books and still remain profitable. We will take 2-5 copies of each (our determination). The $25 processing fee covers our time entering books in the system and contacting you 3 times a year regarding sales/payments. Please review our consignment agreement. Note that we do not pay freight for consignment books—they must be dropped off or the freight paid by the author. Damaged or stolen items are the sole financial responsibility of the consignor/author.

  4. Checks for consignment books are cut 3 times per year:

  • The second week of January

  • The second week of May

  • The second week of September

  1. Any books that have not sold at least 2 copies every 4 months will be removed from inventory using the above schedule. This is standard for all of our books, not just consignment titles.  We will not contact you to let you know whether or not they have sold.  You can check the inventory on Do not call or email the store for this information.

  2. Books on consignment are shelved in the based on our best practices and placement is not subject to negotiation. Table or wall displays are not guaranteed.  If you want to guarantee face-out placement for a period of 3 months, please contact our friends at Dartfrog Books.  They are an organization who evaluates independently published books for independent bookstores that we do not have time to get to individually.  We recommend Dartfrog, but individual author experiences with any company may vary.  

  3. Group events are held 3 times per year in January, May, and September for consignment authors who have paid an additional fee listed in the consignment agreement.  This fee may be waived and an individual event may be scheduled if a formal proposal of no more than 200 words is submitted via email.  Here is a word count tool.  Please use it.  This proposal must demonstrate a serious likelihood of sales of at least 10 copies on the night of the event.  If 10 or more copies are not sold the night of the event, the author should expect to purchase up to 10 copies of their books to make up the difference at no discount (for a book costing $15 or more).  This is far below the minimum number of copies we need to sell to recoup our costs for all of our standard marketing and staffing for any individual event.  

  4. We ask that you mention Fountain Bookstore or independent bookstores in general as a sales outlet when promoting your books and consider linking to our website. We can provide you with a targeted link that we will take customers directly to your books.  Authors whose sites link only to Amazon will be cause for title rejection.