Published with Amazon

 I did use one of Amazon’s services to publish my work.

Dear Author (or Author Representative),

Thank you for your interest in Fountain. If you choose to publish with any company other than Amazon or Amazon-owned subsidiaries or printing services, we would be happy to consider your title(s). However, we do not carry any Amazon products for three reasons:

  • We are a party in several legislative actions designed to force Amazon to change some of its more egregious business practices. For legal conflict-of-interest reasons, we do not make purchases from Amazon.
  • The business practices in question above are ongoing and put us at a moral obligation not to fund those practices.
  • Even if all of the above were not the case, it is not an intelligent business move to put money into the pockets of a direct competitor whose stated mission includes the intent of causing our business to fail.

If you choose to publish by other means, please let us know. We would be happy to reevaluate then.

A good choice is Ingram Spark if you don't know where to start. 

With Many Thanks,

The Fountain Bookstore Booksellers