Miracle on Cary Street: Restoring Virginia's Grandest Movie Palace

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The history of “Virginia’s Grand Motion Picture Palace,” the Byrd Theatre, belongs to every movie goer who has graced her gilt doors and sat on the edge of a springy seat awaiting the rise of the mighty Wurlitzer. Seeing a show at the Byrd is now cemented in the Richmond experience, a beloved piece of the city’s authentic soul. It’s a tradition that nearly didn’t survive. Miracle on Cary Street is Duane K. Nelson’s behind-the-scenes account of restoring the Byrd in the 1980s to her original 1928 luster with the help of Richmond A-listers, theater front-liners, and a host of movie aficionados. Thanks to their hard work, vision, and sweat equity, seeing a show at the Byrd, and paying only a few dollars to do so, has been a treasured experience since the Byrd reopened her doors in 1984. Read the who and the how of saving the Byrd and walk down memory lane through the movies and reviews of your own Richmond experience.

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