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Eve Malone is impatient, her life unsettled. When not working, she cares for her mother in a dilapidated trailer on the family property, Malone Ridge. Momma is in rehab, and Daddy is getting out of prison soon. To cope, Eve lives vicariously through a favorite graphic novel and her best friend, Marcy. This wasn’t the life she had planned for after high school.

Tragedy provides Eve the opportunity to escape the drug-addled Allegheny mountains of West Virginia. She leaves her shattered home and all she knows behind for Alexandria, Virginia, a land not so distant in miles but a world away from her old life.  Starting anew is not easy but Eve perseveres and thrives when a once dashed dream reappears, calling her home to Malone Ridge. 

Malone Ridge is a poignant and quirky coming-of-age story with an obstacle at every turn and pacing to match its protagonist’s speed on the road. The novel explores themes of love, of chaos and order, resistance and resilience, and the power of place. Malone Ridge and the unique young woman who calls it home will stay with the reader for a very long time.


In this lovely coming-of-age novel, Dill evokes Malone Ridge as a place to leave. Then, slowly, as life will, it becomes central to the heart. This is Malone Ridge, the place and the book together, a story as indelible and welcoming as home.

-David L. Robbins, New York Times bestselling author of War of the Rats and Isaac's Beacon

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