Buried Leads - Autographed

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Autographed copies must be prepaid. Thanks! When an Armani-clad corpse turns up in the woods, crime reporter
Nichelle Clarke smells a scoop. A little digging, and Nichelle uncovers a
web of corruption that stretches all the way to Washington, D.C.
Politics. Murder. And a dead lobbyist. It’s everything Nichelle’s ever
dreamed of. The cops are playing it close, the feds even closer,
and Nichelle’s afraid her boss will assign the story to the political
desk any day. Richmond’s new ATF SuperCop makes an arrest before she can
say “Louboutin,” but Nichelle’s gut says he’s got the wrong guy. Her
sexy Mafia boss friend warns her off the case, her TV rival is hot on
her designer heels, an ambitious copy editor wants her beat, and victims
are piling up faster than she can track them down. As Nichelle zeroes
in on the truth, it’ll take some fancy footwork to nab this headline
before the killer nabs her.Advance praise:“Intrepid reporter
Nichelle Clarke is back again, tracking down a killer, sniffing out
political corruption, and juggling studmuffin boyfriends—all in
impossibly high heels. Very smartly written and cleverly plotted, with a
nifty surprise ending. Another winner from author LynDee Walker!” —
Laura Levine, author of the Jaine Austen Mystery series“Mafia
hotties, corrupt politicians, old flames and murder. Buried Leads,
LynDee Walker’s latest adventure featuring intrepid crime reporter
Nichelle Clarke, propels the reader on a wild ride through Richmond,
Virginia, as Clarke ducks bullets and unmasks criminals, all this in her
incisive exposés and her aubergine Manolo Blahniks. A smart and sassy
heroine.” — Patricia Smiley, bestselling author of Cool Cache“Buried Leads is a must-read for any mystery fan.” — Literary, etc

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