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Published and self-published authors may be interested in participating in ABA's Advance Access program.

Advance Access is a bimonthly emailing of offerings of galleys, ARC’s or finished books available for review by ABA booksellers. Bookseller responses and requests are sent directly to the publisher or author for fulfillment and follow-up.
The standard, non-member fee for listing titles in Advance Access is $175 per title. There is no fee for titles by ABA Associate Member publishers and their distribution clients. Members of The Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), The Association of Publishers for Special Sales (APSS), or the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP), may participate at the reduced rate of $100 per title. 

Self-published authors are able to participate in Advance Access for the fee of $175 per title, provided that the title will be readily available for booksellers to order from wholesalers. ABA reserves the right to review titles submitted for Advance Access, and will not include titles with limited availability. Self-published authors should provide the name(s) of the wholesaler(s) the book is distributed by. 

Those with questions about ABA's Advance Access program can contact me at