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I don’t understand much of any of the above 


I'd just like to learn more about being a professional in the book business.

We are working on educational programming for authors, but we don't have time to answer questions for each individual author about how the book business works.  There are wonderful resources out there. Spend some time researching our industry.  Here are some places to start:

  • Become a regular at Fountain and other independent bookstores!  Attend author events!  Not only will you learn a lot, but we will get to know you and folks that support us we do our best to support back.

  • Join a group like the wonderful James River Writers and get to know other authors.  Most are happy to share their experiences.  

  • Attend an online class.

  • Follow an industry expert or two.

  • Subscribe to Shelf Awareness for the book trade to keep up on trends and topics relevant to our industry.

  • Read some of our recommended books for writers! 

  • Learn more about regional and national trade booksellers associations programs for authors here.