Autographed Karen A. Chase Books

Special Pre-order Offer: SOLD OUT!! - Inscribed Copies still available!

Karen A. Chase’s novel, Carrying Independence, focuses on the importance and value of signatures on our Declaration of Independence. Consequently, the author is issuing limited first-edition signed copies—just 76 total. And she’s giving Fountain Bookstore 56 as part of a revolutionary pre-sale package! 

For preorders between April 11 and June 11th, the first 56 will receive:

-- A signed and inscribed copy of Carrying Independence, numbered* and stamped with the author's official seal

-- A pendant featuring artwork of the protagonist Nathaniel astride his horse Bayard

-- A wax-sealed communiqué from the author

All pre-orders can be inscribed (but only 56 will be autographed with the package).

Why 76 total with 56 for pre-sale, you ask?

76 = the year of the Revolution, 1776.

56 = the number of men who signed the Declaration of Independence, the document featured in her novel.

* Note: Pre-ordered signed books through Fountain Bookstore will be numbered 21/76 through 76/76. Numbers 1–20/76 will be gifted by the author and held for special fundraising events.

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