Hopin Help

Register for your Hopin Account prior to the event.

Getting your ticket via your link will take you to the event's registration page:


Here is a breakdown of what you're seeing: 


Find events: Use this link to find more events hosted on Hopin. Featured categories include technology, education, career, professional development, health & lifestyle, entertainment, and more.


Tickets: You have to claim a ticket to continue the registration process. Sometimes, organizers include information on the kind of access each ticket type has during the event, so be sure to watch out for that.


Hosted By: This gives information about the event organizer. You can click the website or email icon to contact them. Some organizers also include their social media links.


Description: This area contains a description of the event. Organizers use this section to gives details about the event and what you should expect as an attendee.


Sponsors: This segment displays the names of sponsors of the event.


Schedule: Use the schedule area to find the agenda of the event. Each schedule includes the time, description, and speakers (if any) of a segment.


Booths: If the event has any booths or vendors, you are able to preview them here.  They will not be live (clickable) until the event starts.  


Once you claim a ticket, be sure to sign up for a Hopin account if you haven't done that before. You’ll be redirected to our Sign up page to get started. This step ensures that your registration is completed. If you already have a Hopin account then click Sign in and you’ll see your upcoming events in your dashboard.

That's it! You can go on to access the event when it is time.

Most of our events have passwords.  Please enter your password when prompted.  

Feel free to reach out to us via email in case you have questions or need assistance.

Accessing the Event

You are registered for an event hosted on Hopin and may be wondering how to access the event.

If you know your login information, you can head here and sign in. If you don't remember this information, you can reset it using the password reset form on the same page.

Once logged in, navigate here and you will see a direct link to the event you are attending. Your Home page contains all the events you have registered for. You can click on the event to get in once it's time.

Note: You will have access to the event 5 minutes before the scheduled start time.


The Events tab displays your upcoming events as well as the past ones.


The Profile tab gives you access to your profile information.

Here, you can update your picture/image, name (you don't have to use your whole name), user email, headline (optional...you could put something like "Reader" or "Book Club Fan"), bio (optional), and social profiles (optional).  These will be visible to other attendees if you participate in chat, so think carefully about what you want to reveal about yourself!  :)

In Fountain Bookstore events, other attendees can's see your email for security reasons.  



Other things to note: 

  • To get the best experience, be sure to check our Browser Compatibility article. Hopin works best with Chrome or Firefox.  There is also an app.  You can also check this article in case there are any issues accessing the event.
  • Once the event is over, you can’t access information from the event so please note any interesting chats as you won’t be able to access chat messages.
  • If you'd like to reach out to the organizer of the event, you can find their contact information on the registration page of the event, at the 'Hosted By' section.


Note the tabs on the left hand side.  Those indicate different areas of the event.  

Please read all the information in registration before accessing other parts of the event for greatest enjoyment! 

  • If your scheduled segment of choice is taking place on the Stage (usually called Main Stage in our events) go there.  
  • If it is not on the Main Stage, check out the Sessions tabs.  
  • Fountain does not host random live Networking for security reasons, so you won't see that tab. 
  • The Expo contains booths which can be clicked on to access videos and presentations (very short), coupons and special offers from our vendors and sponsors.

If you have any questions at all, please email us at this link.  If we are in the middle of the event, we will get to your question as soon as we can!