Kent Wascom, Publishers Weekly's First Fiction 2013 Pick for The Blood of Heaven NOT TO BE MISSED!

“It’s been more than a decade since the literary world has seen such a portentous debut from a novelist prodigy, equal parts savage and savant, and what else is there to say but All hail the future—this boy king has fifty more years of writing to feed our hungry souls.” —Bob Shacochis 

There are times when you should let the writers and critics do the talking: This is one of them.  This is an author you won't be able to see in a few years because the lines will be too long.  The rumble is extra strong on this one, folks. Meet him now and maybe we can all be extras in the movie! -Kelly Justice, owner, Fountain Bookstore

“Young Kent Wascom went down to the crossroads and there he made his deal. Or maybe he was just born spirited for this kind of work. Either way, I cannot name such a stunning debut as this one. The writing pours from the American gut, the America we have yet to reckon with. It reads as not written, but lived and remembered—and how impossible is that? Whoever may own Kent Wascom’s soul, The Blood of Heaven will forever be ours.” Robert Olmstead

“Making brilliant use of a little-known chapter in America’s history, Wascom’s gripping debut captures the pioneer spirit, lawlessness, and religious fervor of the Southern frontier. . . . In its depiction of a primitive, savage era and of man’s depravity, as well as its sensitive portrayal of souls “drowned in the blood of Heaven,” Wascom’s novel is a masterly achievement.” —Publishers Weekly (starred, boxed review)

“When you read as many contemporary novels as I do, it's easy to get jaundiced, because we're awash in hype, and almost nothing ever seems quite as good as it's cracked up to be. So please know that I'm not just giving this young author a pass. I truly can count on the fingers of one hand the number of  first novels that have ever excited me this much. Wascom made me think at times of Cormac McCarthy, Charles Frazier and William Gay, but his vision is very much his own, as is his extraordinary voice. He's left himself a hard act to follow. This book is pure gold.” Steve Yarbrough

Kent Wascom was born in New Orleans in 1986, attended Louisiana State University and received his MFA from Florida State University. He was awarded the 2012 Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival Prize for Fiction. The Blood of Heaven is his first novel. 

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