Happy Hour with Your Bookseller - A Community Meeting

Meet with Kelly, owner of the Fountain, at the locally-owned Sam Miller's for a brew or a soda and let her know what you want for the future of books in Richmond.

A Note from Kelly:

You'd have to be living under a rock not to notice the earthquake that is going on in the book business these days whether you're in the biz or not.  30% of Borders closing (including the Richmond store), B&N's stock at all time lows as the chain fails to find a buyer.  Oh...and that e-book thing. 

While I pride myself on reading your minds when you come in asking about the blue book that was in the window three years ago, I'm putting aside the ESP and just going to ask you what you want from your local bookstore.

Do you want more and different events?  Should we start offering classes?  Do you want us to carry used books?  Would you like a delivery service?  Is it all about price?   Belly dancing booksellers from 1-2pm on alternate Wednesdays?  Free bubbles?  I'm asking for your brutal and honest opinions.  (I will probably be needing that beer.)

Starting Saturday with Galleyfest and this Wednesday at Sam Miller's I'm opening up the floor to you, my most valued business partners.  I hope you know that my ears are always open to your feedback, but I'm making it an official project now.

I don't have the budget for that swimming pool you've been asking we install in the basement, but your opinions mean the world to me and give me direction.

Get a warm up by filling out this very short survey that Rebecca from The Book Lady's Blog helped me put together.  It's anonymous, so you can be totally up front.

Remember: It's Your Bookstore.  It only exists because of you.  I just work here.  And that makes me a very lucky lady indeed. 



(hope you enjoy the pig picture).

Event date: 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 - 5:00pm to 6:30pm

Event address: 

1210 East Cary Street
Sam Miller's Restaurant
23219-4118 Richmond