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Welcome to our home for signed books by D. Randall Blythe.

Due to the author's schedule, if you would like books personalized, be prepared to wait for an unspecified period of time.  We will catch him when he's in town if he's available.  

We ship worldwide and to APOs.  

Thanks to Randy for writing such a powerful and engaging book and for making the time to come by and sign.  And thanks to all of you for supporting Randy and Fountain Bookstore with your purchases.


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"KEEP IT LOCAL" Every few months I do one of these posts after I cruise down to the awesome @fountainbookstore here in Richmond, VA & sign a bunch of copies of my book, "Dark Days"- if you want a signed copy of "Dark Days", DO NOT go to freaking EBAY & pay a ludicrously inflated price for it (just checked- they are trying to sell signed copies for between about $60 and ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-FIVE DOLLARS there- WTF? I'm not even dead yet- SCREW YOU, EBAY LEECHES.) All you have to do is go to WWW. FOUNTAINBOOKSTORE.COM & order one at THE REGULAR PRICE- yes, THE REGULAR PRICE. This morning I went there & signed a bunch of hardcovers & paperbacks. Yes, Fountain Books ships WORLD-WIDE. Yes, they are INDEPENDENTLY OWNED. Yes, they are GOOD PEOPLE. Plus, if you are PATIENT & want one personalized, let them know with your order & the next time I go down there I'll even write your name in it, no extra-charge whatsoever (again, you have to be PATIENT if you want a personalized one though- I am in & out of town so much that I only stop by there once every few months- you'll get the book whenever I stop by.) Why should people pay some RIP OFF amount when they can just get the book at a regular price? And further more, once again, to you creepy Ebayers who lurk outside shows with your folders of tacky crap (pick guards, multiple copies of the same home printed photos, all that stuff- you're so obvious)-I ain't signing shit for you. You are the ones who screw it up for real fans, plus you are making money off someone else's sweat with your bullshit. So either cut me in, CASH UPFRONT, or GET A REAL JOB. If you don't like it, my advice is to go complain about what a dick I am on the internet- go ahead, get it all out & whine away- PLENTY of other people have over the years. I DO NOT CARE. IT DOES NOT BOTHER ME. AT. FREAKING. ALL. To the rest of you, have a nice day, & SUPPORT INDEPENDENTLY OWNED LOCAL BUSINESSES. #Leica #LeicaCamera #LeicaCameraUSA #LeicaQ #Summilux #Summilux28mm #LeicaCraft #MyLeicaJourney #MKexplore #streetdreamsmag #streetphotography #RatsEyesPhotography #HoneTheAesthetic

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