Conventionally Published

My book is recently or about to be conventionally published by a major or larger independent publisher and readily available through standard distribution channels.

The best way to get your book on our shelves is to have your publisher contact us with information about you and your book. We can work with them directly on getting it into our inventory.

We love our publishing partners and like keeping them in the loop.  We are also used to dealing with them regularly and the process goes much faster.  

If you feel your publisher is unable or unwilling to contact us, please send us an email using this highlighted link of no more than 100 words containing the Title, ISBN, your website, a high resolution image of your book jacket, your contact information, compelling reasons for carrying the book at Fountain (ex. "I have friends and family that have expressed interest in buying it from Fountain", "the book is set in Richmond", other unique reasons that would compel a reader to buy it from us and not elsewhere).  Here is a word count tool.  Please use it. Please copy your publisher in the email.  That is industry standard professional courtesy.