Textbook Buyback Form

Hi There!

We don't buy all textbooks, but we do buy some.  We hope those some are yours!

We also buy selected books commonly used in literature classes such as The Kite Runner, 1984, To Kill A Mockingbird (you get the picture) when they are in demand.

We do not negotiate prices. We will happily give you a fair market value based on what is being offered that day for your books.  Textbook demand fluctuates daily, as do prices.  Our offers are good for one day only and are subject to changes in demand, so please check your email often to secure your pay out.  

We must have the books in the store in excellent condition before paying.  

Payments can only be picked up at certain times.  We will pay by check or deposit the funds into your Paypal account.  We do not pay cash.

Please submit your titles 10 at a time using this form.  Filling out this form is no guarantee that we will buy your books.  We buy only selected titles.  Good luck and thank you!

The Fountain Bookstore Crew

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