Book Clubs!

Email the store to join any or all of these book clubs and to get meeting directions.

January/February book club books


Our book clubs are just like the store: friendly, fun, maybe a little odd, but always full of heartfelt connection fostered by our mutual love or reading and the wish to get to know the world and each other by talking about books!

Purchase of book from Fountain either in paper, ebook, or audio is required for all book clubs.

All of our book clubs are accepting members and are currently meeting virtually.

Information about what each club is currently reading can be found on our events calendar.

Code of Conduct

Our event provides a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), or technology choices. We do not tolerate harassment in any form. Sexual language and imagery are not appropriate. Anyone violating these rules may be expelled from the event without a refund at the discretion of the organizers.

All Fountain Bookstore virtual and in-person events and book clubs are non-smoking and non-vaping events.

Fountain Tonic Book Club Badge 

Fountain Book Club Tonic is the cure for the common book club!!!!  Meets at 6:30pm on the last Wednesday of the month.

Fountain Flirt Book Club Badge

Fountain Flirt is a feisty, fun group discussing romance novels (focusing mainly on diversity in the genre) monthly. Ages 21+ only.  Meets the first Thursday of the month at 6:30PM.  Led and founded by our wonderful customer Britni.

Fountain of Evidence Book Club Badge

Fountain of Evidence features discussions on books in the popular "true crime" genre, but may occasionally read fiction based on true crimes. Ages 21+ only.  Meets the third Monday of the month at 6:30PM.  Led by Booksellers Katie and Andi.

Fountain of Youth Book Club Badge

Fountain of Youth reads Young Adult (or YA for short), a very diverse and exciting genre. This book club is subtitled Adults Who Read YA, so this group is open for those 18+ years old.  Meets the third Sunday of the month at 10AM.  Led by Bookseller Katie.

F-Files Book Club Badge

The F-Files discusses a wide variety of sci-fi and horror. This group is open for those 18+ years old.  Meets the second Sunday of the month at 10AM. Led by Bookseller Katie.

Fountain 500 Book Club Badge

Fountain 500 A book club for business owners and employees looking to more develop a more wellness-based approach to their work and non-work lives while learning tools for profitability.  This book club is informed by the principles of exceptional design.  Meets the first Mondays of the month at Noon.  Led by Fountain Bookstore owner Kelly.

All book club dates are subject to change to accommodate holidays, weather, etc.  

We choose all the books for you, so you'll never have to be responsible for that onerous task!