1500 Bullets Against Witchcraft and Marine Demons: Powerful Midnight Prayers to Eradicate the Activities of Witchcraft and Marine Demons (Paperback)

1500 Bullets Against Witchcraft and Marine Demons: Powerful Midnight Prayers to Eradicate the Activities of Witchcraft and Marine Demons Cover Image
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Witchcraft is an act of the devil which not only manipulates the minds of people, but it can wreak havoc physically, emotionally and spiritually too. Witch doctors, magicians, and sorcerers all receive satanic power, not for edification, but for destruction. Before long they will exercise their capricious whims upon the unwitting victim and make a slave-victim, driving their victim ever deeper into the mire of sin and slavery. They will force their victim down every path which will open ever-increasing spiritual depravity. They have been able to destroy many families and afflict many with the spirits of infirmity and sickness. Witches and marine demons are not satisfied with mere compliance to their wishes, they work to reduce their victim to a helpless state, filled with mental and physical anguishes almost beyond a person's ability to endure. Most people mistakenly assume that witchcraft cannot affect a Christian. They foolishly believe that being born again automatically protects against any kind of curse, spell or hex, etc., sent by people practicing witchcraft. Ezekiel 13 shows that we are a favorite target of witchcraft practices which is the hunting (catching or snaring) of our souls (mind, will, emotions). Through witchcraft, God's people can be brought into bondage, thus becoming captives. In verse 22 of Ezekiel 13, the charge is, "with lies you have made the heart of the righteous sad" Depression comes to the heart of the righteous through magical practices. Other translations state that the hearts of the righteous are discouraged or disheartened. The righteous are the targets and these shows the effects of witchcraft on God's people. God says in Ezekiel 13:19 that witchcraft will "Turn away my people from me." How many ministers and other Christians have backslidden because of heavy demonic influence induced by witchcraft? Such terrible things can happen to God's people through witchcraft. They can be saddened (depression); they can be ensnared (captivity); they can be killed (premature death); they can be turned away (backsliding). Remember the things which can happen to God's people (to the righteous) if they are unaware of the perils of witchcraft. They can be brought into a state of oppression or depression; unexplainable sadness, anguish, and heart affliction when there is no reason for feeling downcast or disheartened. Everything can go well for the Believer. He can be healthy, prosperous and yet be covered with a strange pall of oppression, a dark cloud which settles in from nowhere. It can come from witchcraft. Believers can become ensnared losing the power to make the right decisions. Those who have experience in dealing with witchcraft have seen many killed by occult power. This power can also turn one away from the truth and cause backsliding. Witches, wizards, and sorcerers are children of Satan. They may look cute and make you laugh and cry, but God said they are an abomination to Him. Beloved, your being alive is an opportunity now to avenge and fight for your destiny. They have tried to kill you several times, to turn you into a pauper several times, and to stop you. It is time for you to stop the evil manipulation and oppression of witchcraft spirits in your life. Logged down in this 21 spiritual ammunition parcels are 1500 powerful spiritual bullets released from heaven to crouch down and destroy the works of darkness. Psalm 56:9 says ''When I cry unto thee, then shall mine enemies turn back: this I know; God is for me.'' It is time for the agents of darkness to flee at your command. God has given you the authority to trample over every agent of darkness. Authority not exercised cannot produce any benefits. Get ready for your total freedom as you take advantage of these prayer bullets.

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ISBN: 9781799121527
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Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 10th, 2019
Pages: 226
Language: English