Common Sense 2.0 (Hardcover)

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We must end debt slavery . The United States began a depression in 1920 just after the end of World War I. Millions of jobs were lost, thousands of companies went bankrupt while the government provided no support to anyone. That depression lasted eighteen months. Another depression began in 1929. This time the government stepped in and provided assistance to business to give support to the twenty-five per cent of Americans who had lost their jobs and were on hard times. As a result of massive government involvement this depression lasted a dozen years and needed a new World War to get the country back to work. We have entered a greater depression. If we allow the government to try to solve a debt problem by going even deeper into debt, it will probably take fifteen years to get the country back on its feet. Maybe another World War. On the other hand if we restored honest money to our financial system to put the brakes on unnecessary government spending Americans could be back to work again in eighteen months.

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ISBN: 9781716185670
ISBN-10: 171618567X
Publication Date: March 12th, 2021
Pages: 102
Language: English