Matter and Memory (Paperback)

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By David G. Payne (Editor), Nancy M. Paul (Translator), W. Scott Palmer (Translator)
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"Though it can hardly be claimed that Bergson has completely solved the extraordinary complex and difficult problem of memory and least of all the mystery of matter, it may be admitted ungrudgingly that he has clarified the obscurities of the former problem to a considerable extent, and has, above all, rendered great service by the masterly way in which he points out the insuperable difficulties of the materialistic position... This excellent translation." (The Quest) "Of M. Bergson's three works the present is that which appeals most to the educator because of the excellent treatment of the very practical subjects of memory and attention. We do not look for a final decision of such problems as are here dealt with, but no one can rise from reading this book and retain unchanged the views with which he began it. To say this of a book of psychometaphysics is to say much." (Journal of Education) "As in the case of the former volume the translator of this second volume has the author's assistance and approval, and the author has also written for it a new Introduction, superseding that which accompanies the original work. In this volume, also, the translators have given a number of useful marginal summaries and a copious index." (Westminster Review)

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ISBN: 9781537046846
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Publication Date: August 11th, 2016
Pages: 194
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