Sidgwick's the Methods of Ethics: A Guide (Paperback)

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Henry Sidgwick's The Methods of Ethics has been a central part of the utilitarian canon since its publication in 1874. This book, part of the Oxford Guides to Philosophy series, is a concise companion to Sidgwick's masterpiece, written primarily to aid advanced undergraduate students and
interested general readers in navigating and interpreting the original text. Author David Phillips connects Sidgwick's work to work in contemporary moral philosophy and in the history of moral philosophy, paying particular attention to his relationships with key predecessors, including Kant and
Mill, and with Moore and Ross, his most influential successors in the British intuitionist tradition.

The book's first eight chapters end with brief suggestions for further reading. At the end of the final three chapters there are more substantial overviews of the secondary literature on the aspects of Sidgwick's work that have generated the most interest among his commentators: metaethics and moral
epistemology; consequentialism versus deontology; and egoism and the dualism of practical reason. The result is an Oxford Guide that will be a helpful resource for both students and scholars.

About the Author

David Phillips is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Houston. His research interests are in ethics and the history of ethics with a particular focus on British moral philosophers. He is the author of Sidgwickian Ethics (OUP, 2011) and of Rossian Ethics: W.D. Ross and Contemporary MoralTheory (OUP, 2019).

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