Fountain Bookstore Author Information Page

Hello Authors!

We literally could not do what we do without you, so thank you for visiting this page and thank you for writing!

Two very important things before we begin:

  1. Please understand that we evaluate over 50,000 new books every year and field over one thousand event requests per year.

  2. We are receiving stocking requests from self- and conventionally-published authors directly at the rate of 10-20 per day. Thank you for understanding that we cannot handle phone calls or drop-in visits. Unsolicited samples that are dropped off or mailed to us will be donated without any evaluation.

Let’s get started!

  • My book is recently or about to be conventionally published by a major or larger independent publisher and readily available through standard distribution channels. Click Here

  • I published my own book and did not use CreateSpace or Amazon publishing or printing services. Click Here

  • I did use one of Amazon’s services to publish my workClick Here

  • I don’t understand much of any of the above AND/OR I'd just like to learn more about being a professional in the book business. Click Here

After you're done, read some of our recommended books for writers! 

Want to learn some stuff? Check out our Befriending Your Bookseller presentation slides below.