Fountain Favorites of 2019

This is a completely unscientific roundup of our favorite books and stuff of 2019.  We always leave somebody out...or a lot of somebodies.  We apologize in advance if it was you! 

Thank you all for being part of the wild and wonderful Fountain Family.  

2019 brought a few tears as well as joy.  Let's hope 2020 treats us all gently and that there is more of that joy to share around.  

We're here for all of it whether you shop at the physical store or are with us online.   We hope we make you laugh once in awhile and help you create new meaning in your lives too.  

We're all in this boat together.  

The text above was written in January 2020 before we knew much about the Coronavirus and certainly it had not impacted the store yet that we knew of.  The message is still eerily applicable in our current situation.  Thank you for all of your support during these difficult times.  We wish you health and safety and security and as much happiness as you can manage in these difficult times.  Love from us at Fountain.  -Kelly Justice 3/16/2020

our first Happily-Ever-After Hour with romance author Tracey Livesay

The annual lighting of Downtown Richmond that has a new name we can't remember...the full Fountain Crew sharing cider before closing up for the night.